The updated version 2 now Hitachi EMIEW rolling robot autonomy in order to better serve mankind. Version 2 is said to have had a basic command, to better understand and better mobility.

EMIEW version 1 in the command have some problems hearing a noisy environment, but there are some improvements, Hitachi said it is no longer a problem. In addition to this, EMIEW 2, enhance balance, can travel over uneven pavement, and can be scattered on the floor waste.

In order to improve the recognition of many can be attributed to channel microphone system 14, may cancel the noise on the inside, so that the external drive, to better identify the voice. The robot is 32 inches tall and weighs 30 pounds, is two or four-wheel navigation wheel suspension system with active detection range finder capability. Maximum speed of 3.7 EMIEW2 miles per hour.

EMIEW This means excellent mobility and interactive existence of the working partner is positioned on a medical facility or office, it can be available to visitors Jiandu He guide future of the role itself. Robot sounds like music in the street it could use some updating.